Who is the best Heavyweight Champion in the world?

If you are eager to watch Fury vs Wilder 2 live stream, you are certainly setting up to watch one of the best boxing matches to be telecasted. All these will be easier for you to watch through the various online stream sites that can make life easier for you. The last match between these two heavyweight giants was an exceptional one. After relentless and heart-wrenching fights, it was still difficult to separate the two.

Deontay Wilder is still regarded as one of the best heavyweight champions in the world. He is in his form of life. He is regarded as the most in-form heavyweight. He never lost a match. Out of a toal of 43 fights, he won all 42 of them and eventually drawing one match with Tyson Fury. Wilder is very well known for his formidable punching power, his punches have accuracy, strength and power. All of his attributes goes down to his enormous punching skills that makes the opponent fall in no time. He is a mighty boxer and have been getting stronger with each matches since the age of 23.

Wilder’s rise to prominence came after he knocked down the previous best boxer, Audley Harrison. Wilder was so furious in the game that knocked Audley out in the first round. This is when the mainstream world took notice of what the world of boxing has to offer in the future. Since then, wilder has been a part of great matches that captured a vast worldwide attention from audience all around the globe. With his success, he continues to grow his fan base and currently is sitting top on the list of being one of the most famously celebrated athletes of the world.

After all his success, his biggest setback would be the game against Tyson Fury. Although, he didn’t lose, he didn’t win either, instead the game ended in a controversial draw. Nevertheless, Tyson Fury also didn’t lose any matches in his career. Out of his 30 matches, he won 29 and have drawn that match with Deontay Wilder. Although Tyson Fury can also be regarded as one of the best boxers of current times, due to experience and a lot of attention, Deontay Wilder however, may sit on top of the rank of being the best in the business.

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