What equipment is needed for IPTV?

IPTV has become more popular in the USA, liberating clients from agreements and material content. The IPTV service in USA requires various types of equipment to enjoy streaming. The essential parts of IPTV equipment include the set-top boxes, COAX-ON enabler, remote controllers, IPTV switches, HDMI, IR keyboards, and other cable types are also other essential equipment.

DVB accessories and tuner cards

DVB units that enable the reception of radio and TV channels from satellites, terrestrial transmitters, cable transmitters, and also the decryption of the encrypted television channels.

The PCI express tuner cards and PCI tuner cards are the components that receive the video and audio digital signals from satellites, cables, and terrestrial transmitters. The digital signal is then transmitted through the IP network. The Stream-on IPTV Gateway supports a variety of DVB tuner cards, such as the digital gadgets GmbH.

  • Tuner card DVB S/S2. It’s a mini PCIe and PCI Express-based tuner card for receiving satellite television and radio channels.
  • Tuner card DVB CT. Mini PCIe and PCI Express-based tuner cards for receiving of radio and TV channels from the terrestrial cables or transmitters.
  • CI Modules. The Common Interface expansion module allows the exchange of information between the CAM modules and the DVB tuner cards. They are types of equipment that the CAM modules can be put to decode the encrypted television channels.
  • CAM modules. Conditional Access Modules enable decoding and viewing of the encrypted television content on television screens and other digital devices.

Accessories of IPTV network

The IPTV network infrastructure is needed to efficiently support the usage of different types of media-rich interactive and communication television services without significant losses of sound and picture quality.

IP, COAX enablers reliable and adequately configured switches are two of the essential IPTV network units. Whenever CAT 5/6 network is out of reach, the IP COAX enabler makes the current COAX infrastructures to support IP based distribution of data.

Remote controls

These pieces of equipment are designed for excellent user experience. Some of their advanced features include an air mouse button, programmable buttons, ergonomic design, and one remote to control multiple devices.

Other accessories

These are accessories for simple, fast, and efficient IPTV infrastructure installations. Properly selected mount holders for the set-top box or TV fixtures can fix many issues which, in various cases, aren’t even identified as potential reasons that can slow down the processes of IPTV equipment installation. The STB mount holders are used in fixing the set-top box under the desk, behind the TV, and in other hidden places.

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