How to watch Roger Federer tennis match online

With the start of every tennis tournament season, tennis fans always have this inevitable question: could this be the last year of Roger Federer on the court? Although he is 38, Federer has always been at the top of the game, and he is ranked third. In every tournament that he enters, he has always paused a threat of winning, and this makes most of the other players anxious.

Watching Roger on any tennis match is easy as there are several TV channels such as NBC, Fox Sports, Tennis Channel, and Eurosport that have the broadcasting rights to live broadcast the event. For those who prefer watching tennis matches online, you can watch tennis live stream through some of the platforms below.

  • YouTube TV

With this platform, you will get a premium experience of the French Open as it will be live streaming the action as it will be happening. YouTube TV contains both the NBC Sports and Tennis channels, of which both of these channels are official broadcasters of French Open and other tennis tournaments.

  • Sling TV

This platform also gives you access to watching the French Open and various other shows. To access the French Open or any other tennis tournament, you will have to choose the blue bundle or the blue+orange bundle as they contain the NBC Sports channel that will be broadcasting the French Open.

  • DirecTV

With seven bundles that you can choose from, this is one of the best platforms where you can get to watch Federer when playing any tennis match. Additionally, all the seven bundles have the NBC Sports Channels, and this will give access to catching the French Open action. For those who prefer watching Tennis channel, you will have to choose the Choice, Xtra, or Ultimate bundles since these are the only bundle that has this channel.

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