What radio stations are the Detroit Lions on

The Detroit Lions are into their preseason already and many of us wonder where we can listen to the games on the radio. The Detroit Lions live broadcast are always on WJR, which is Detroit Lions radio. It is a radio network that will have every single Lions game live and on air.

The radio station also broadcasts preseason and postseason games. WJR is 760 AM in Detroit. The Detroit Lions can also be heard on numerous other internet radio channels as well. There are also Tori’s Takes, which broadcast Lions replays and it’s a Detroit Lions podcast.

After the game commentary can be found on the Lions WJR postgame show. You can listen to the full postgame show on this station. There is another podcast called, Detroit Lions one pride cast. You can hear Tori Petry talk with different analysts and players to discuss all that is going on with the Detroit Lions.

You can also hear the Lions games live on free football radio. The web site has every channel that you can hear the Lions games live on at any time. All you need to do is click one of the channels and you will be sent to that station where you can listen away.

If you have Sirius XM radio, you’ll be able to listen to the Detroit Lions play live as well. The Detroit Lions are on channel XM 228 and streaming channel 810. If you want to hear their opponent, that will be on channel 820.

You can also listen to Detroit Lions games on your mobile device. If you have an Android tablet or Kindle Fire, you can download the TuneIn Radio app or sign up for the NFL Game Pass and listen. If you are an Apple customer, download the TuneIn Premium radio app and sign up for the NFL Game Pass.

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