Watch Indy 500 using VPN

How are you planning to spend this coming memorial Sunday? While there are other things such as going BBQ or drinking some two bottles of beer to make your memorial weekend exciting, watching the Indy 500 is the most stimulating thing that you should do.

The Indy 500 is all about the 33 super powered motor racing on about 500 miles. However, this event has a selective channel that will provide coverage. This implies that a geographically limit can still hit you even if you want to be part of other fans around the world.

Nevertheless, here we will show you how to use VPN and watch the racing like any other guy in the US or UK

Ok, without a waste of time as time is money, let us directly jump into it.

Download a reliable VPN

Our first step to watching the Indy 500 using VPN is to identify reliable VPN providers first. Then download and install it on your streaming device. Luckily, there are many VPN service providers. So, you will have an opportunity to select based on your location and which streaming media that you want to access.

Here are the most reliable VPNs that you can consider.


These VPN providers are identified for their blazing speeds. So, this is a VPN that you should consider when you need to stream the Indy 500 in 4K quality.


When it comes to VPN service providers, the ExpressVPN is an outstanding provider that can let you watch and enjoy your favorite motor racing like any other fan in the US. What makes them a recommended option is their 30 day trial period. This implies you can use their services freely to access your favorite motor racing free if you are their new customer.


This is our last option .However, being last doesn’t mean they last in their quality. They are also an excellent option that facilitates you watch the race and spend your memorial weekend cheerfully.

 One thing that you will appreciate about the above three VPN service providers is their wider compatibility. So, you can install them on a variety of devices. You can install them on your Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, or Apple TV.

Choose the server location

After downloading and installing your preferred VPN, the next step is to select the server location and then connect. You are then free to access channels such as NBC that will be airing this event.

Last note

Don’t let geographic limit be a stress to watch your best motor racing. With the above idea, you can access the free Indy 500 live stream and cheer the race like any other individual.

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