The 10 Greatest Things About Masters Golf

The Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious sporting events ever. There are many different reasons as to why this is. First and foremost, the host of this tournament is one of the most known golf courses on Earth.  Augusta Georgia is the glorious home of the Masters. There are many different things that make the Masters Tournament great. This list will show you exactly ten awesome things that make the Masters tournament great. When watching on the Masters Tournament Live TV, you’ll see a lot of reasons why the Masters is so great.

What makes the Masters Tournament the Best?

  1. The days that lead up to the tournament are very exciting. The few days before the Masters tournament, which is Monday through Wednesday, are hectic and everyone is anxious to see the tournament. The practice rounds are going on and patrons pay a lot of money to watch the famous Par 3 contest on Wednesday. The Masters is truly a weeklong event.
  2. The exclusiveness of the Masters tournament is another reason that it is great. The Masters tournament does not sell tickets like the world series or Super bowl. Getting a ticket to the Masters is almost impossible.
  3. The fashion of the Masters is one that is interesting. The PGA guys have already picked out their outfits for the week, long before the Masters event begins. Rickie Fowler even got camouflage made for him this tear, by Puma, and its only for the Masters.
  4. The time of year that the Masters begins is Spring, which is great for Auguste weather. The golf season will just get underway when the Masters begins. It is the perfect time of year and the air smells like golf in Augusta during the Masters.
  5. The field of players is another reason why the Masters is great. They have to earn their way into the tournament.
  6. Tradition plays a huge role in the Masters tournament.
  7. Another great thing about the Masters is the menu that they have there. There are many menu items here that are under five bucks. They even have light beer that costs $4. The food is very inexpensive and simple.
  8. The golf course itself is definitely one the best things about the Masters tournament. Augusta National is the best location for the Masters too. Its absolutely beautiful.
  9. The green jacket is another great thing about the Masters. Each year, the winner receives the illustrious green jacket. The tradition is huge here. Everyone wants the green jacket.
  10. The availability to watch the Masters tournament makes it one of the greatest things as well.

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