Kentucky Derby weather information

What will the weather be like for the Kentucky Derby this year? Are you wanting to watch the Kentucky Derby live online? That may be a great idea this year, considering some weather forecasts are showing that the Kentucky Derby may be washed up again this year.

It looks like the weather forecast for the race on the 4th is going to be cloudy and a 20% chance of rain. It looks like it may be pretty and hopefully dry for the race.

From what we have seen in the past, sometimes the weather does not always cooperate with us like, we want. There have been some epic storms throughout the Kentucky Derby history and if it rains heavily, it messes up the track as well as put the horses in a situation in which running the race could be really harmful to them and their wellbeing.

The last three Kentucky derbies have been filled with rain and dark clouds. Some forecasts for this year’s derby is going to be warm and maybe dry. The normal high for this time of year is around 74 degrees.

What has been the hottest temperature for one of these Derby days? The hottest Derby day so far has been 94 degrees. This was recorded in 1959. The next hottest temperature was 90 degrees and was recorded in 1880 and 1879.

The coldest Kentucky Derby on record was 36 degrees and this was in 1940 and 1957. The wettest Kentucky Derby race was on May 5th in 2018 when over 3.15” of rain fell.  In 1989, there was actual sleet observed at the race for five minutes. It is not always nice at the Kentucky Derby, in fact, lately, its been gloomy and wet there, no matter what you do, make sure you are well prepared for whatever weather happens during the race. Always be prepared for anything at the derby, because you never know what the weather will bring.

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