How to watch the Rugby World Cup from everywhere

The rugby world cup is edging, and many rugby fans across the globe are now getting ready for entertainment that is expected to last for six weeks. There will be 20 teams who have been divided into different groups. The bottom team from each group will not advance to the next stage.

While any rugby enthusiast will not want to miss any part of the tournament, here is how you can watch the rugby world cup from everywhere.


If you are in Australia and looking for the channel from which you can watch this tournament, then the FOX sport is the channel to consider. Through the channel, you can catch up with everything that will be happening in Japan while in Australia.


For those fans from Fiji, the rugby world cup has announced that the Fiji TV will bring the live matches. This TV has been among the best free to air TV in Fiji that has been broadcasting some major tournaments free.


While in Ireland, the Eir sport is the channel that brings you the tournament. Though it will cost some few pounds, it is still better than to miss everything

New Zealand

As useal TVNZ is the solution for the fans in New Zealand. It is the main option if not the average option on the account that you can afford to visit Japan.

South America

In South America and some surrounding regions, you can watch the rugby world cup from ESPN.


For those in the UK, you are also having a channel that guarantees the live tournament. The channel is non-other than ITV.


If you are in the USA,   you know about NBC sports and this round, it will bring you the tournament.

Last Note

So, it is clear that you can watch the tournament from any part of the world. If it happens that, you outside the above-described regions then consider using VPN and be able to watch Rugby World Cup live online.

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