GAA Sunday Game: TV Channel and Broadcast

Have you been following all the activities of GAA championship? If you have been a close follower, then you will agree with me that it is an exciting tournament since the launch of the quarter-final stage with super 8s . This is a match that you should not miss if you have been a fan of GAA.

The GAA Sunday Game is among the best tournament, and a must watch for any GAA fan. However, the bad news is that this much-anticipated game is not readily available on paid TV.

So how can you watch the GAA Sunday game? Don’t worry, as in this article lies the solution. Continue reading to find out.

How to watch the GAA Sunday Game.

As the game is not readily available on paid TVs, the only way to follow all the activities of this game is through GAA Sunday Game live stream which is facilitated by some broadcasters.

Among the best broadcasters are RTE and TG4.


RTE will broadcast all the activity of the match. Through RTE player, you will be able to watch by streaming the live event and all the highlights as well as game preview. You will also stream exclusive match preview, deep player, and manager interview before the game. You can also follow the event on the RTE News APP or RTE radio 1.


The TG4 is another broadcaster that will facilitate GAA Sunday Game live stream. They will offer the live stream on their YouTube channel this weekend.

Moreover, the hurling league semifinal, which features Limerick and Tipperary, will be televised live. They will also provide live coverage at Croke Park when Dublin’s will be high on Galway.

The telecast will also be available in the Irish language on their YouTube channel. However, the channel will only be accessible in Ireland.

What about if you are outside Ireland? Will you be able to stream the game?

Yes, you can watch the GAA Sunday game live by getting an Irish IP address. You can also use the virtual private network. After that, you can watch the match on RTE sport.

Last Words

This GAA Sunday game is an event not to miss if you have been a fan of the GAA tournament. With the facilities mentioned above, you can access GAA Sunday Game live stream wherever you are .whether you are in Ireland or outside you don’t have to worry as you will able to watch the Sunday part of your favorite tournament that you have been following since its start.

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