Everything you need to know about Mikey Garcia

Do you love boxing? Do you follow boxing stars? How many of them do you know? Do you know about the Super Mikey Garcia? If, you don’t know him, which should not be a surprise as here we are going to reveal everything you need to know about Mikey Garcia. However, if you are a fan of boxing, the name Mikey Garcia should not be a surprise.

Mikey Garcia has labeled as a patient fighter with perfect punching power. He is a talented boxer known for his natural right-hander. During most of his fights, Mikey Garcia usually likes to switch to southpaw.


If you want somebody as a reference or motivation in a boxing career, then Mikey Garcia should be on your list. His 12 year of career is impressive. It started when he was fourteen years .the first armature boxing career was when he participated in National Junior Olympic Championship in the year 2003. In his early career, he earned himself a silver medal.
His professional career started in 2006 when Bob Arum’s Top Rank signed him after demonstrating that he has some power. Since then Garcia has developed himself into the un-defeatable fighter, winning 20 professional fights consecutively.

At the age of 37, Mike Garcia has not yet tested any blow. He has 28 KO wins on his chest.

Garcia not only does boxing. He has also appeared in some documentaries. One of the documentaries that he made the first appearance in the “May weather VS Maidana.”


For the family, this man understands what it means by saying rising from poor to fame. Garcia comes from a humble family in Oxnard, California. Raised by Strawberry pickers and migrants from Mexico, he grew up knowing that one day will make it. With their homestead surrounded by gang-related neighborhood, it was a challenge to even walk around particularly at night.

Mike Garcia got married in 2008 and he enjoying his married life. They have three kids. one thing that you also have to know about this man is that he is very private about his family and don’t like to talk about it in public most times.

Last note

While the result of Mikey Garcia next fight remains unknown, what we can say is that win, lose, or draw are still the valid results. However, this man is undefeatable and will make that Saturday a special night.

Watch this match, and you will confirm some facts about Mikey Garcia by yourself.

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