15 super fact about New England Patriots

As a New England Patriots fan, there are many facts about the team that you may not know. The next Patriots game live that you watch, think about what you know about your favorite team. We have some facts that you may not be aware of as well. This is the 15 super facts about the New England Patriots.

  1. The Patriots were not the first professional football team to represent Boston. The Boston Bulldogs were created and deleted in 1929. The Boston Redskins were formed in 1932, then the Patriots.
  2. Originally, they were called the Boston Patriots. In 1959, their name was changed to the Patriots.
  3. Tom Brady was not the best quarterback at his university. He was the seventh quarterback at the University of Michigan as far as the depth chart goes.
  4. Only four other franchises have won as many playoff games as Tom Brady has. Those teams are Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Dallas, and San Francisco.
  5. This team has won more playoff wins in 17 seasons that the Browns, Cardinals, and Lions in their 231 combined seasons.
  6. There are no other teams, that has as many postseason wins as the Patriots.
  7. The Jets found someone in their practice videotaping their practice and this caused Bill Belichick, his salary and a first-round draft pick too.
  8. Tom Brady was a sixth-round draft pick. This was in 2000.
  9. Bill Belichick was hired in 2000 after Pete Carroll was fired. Bill had to rebuild the team and get things like he wanted them to be.
  10. During Belichick’s first five seasons, the Patriots went to the Superbowl three times.
  11. Robert Kraft has owned the Patriots since 1994.
  12. The stands caught on fire at a preseason game in Boston College forcing fans on the field with the Patriots. No one was hurt.
  13. Pete Carroll was a coach from 1997-1999 and never went to the Superbowl.
  14. In his second season, Tom Brady led the team to the Superbowl.
  15. Bill Belichick has won more games than any coach for any team in the NFL.

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