10 Facts about Grand National Horse Race

The Grand National horse race is the best and toughest race in all of horse racing. While you’re watching the Grand National live stream, there are some facts about the Grand National that you should know. The more you know about the Grand National Horse race, you’ll be able to understand the rules and the course as well.

  1. The Grand National started in 1839. It takes place in Liverpool, England at the Aintree Racecourse. It takes place April 6th this year.
  2. The prize for the winner of the Grand National race is $1,318,000.00 US currency. It is £1 million in the UK. There is a lot of money that is made or lost if you look at it with the people who place bets. If you win, you win a lot, but some people have lost much more than this by betting on the wrong horse.
  3. Over 70,000 fans will be in attendance for the race. Over 150,000 are expected to be at the three- day festival there. There are 20 different races that happen during the three days.
  4. Over 600 million people will be watching this year’s Grand National.
  5. There will be 140 countries watching the race live this year.
  6. 12.9 million people will place their bets on their lucky horse.
  7. There are 30 jumps on the 4 ½ mile course. There are 16 fences, and 14 are jumped twice.
  8. The tallest jump is five foot two inches and is called the “chair.” It’s the hardest too.
  9. In 1977, a female jockey won the Grand National.

In 1993, there was a false start and many jockeys did not know and continued. The race had to be canceled.

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